The AME Church


Sunday - 9:30AM Sunday School, 10:50 AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 6PM Bible Study


The AME Church is a member of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC), World Methodist Council, Churches Uniting in Christ, and the World Council of Churches.
Associations: National Council of Churches; W...
Origin: 1816 (grew out of the Free African Soci...
Orientation: Mainline Methodist
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Episcipal Districts

The AME Church is divided into 20 districts, spanning North America and Bermuda, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa and parts of South America:

  • First District – Bermuda, Delaware, New England, New Jersey, New York, Western New York, and Philadelphia
  • Second District – Baltimore, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina and Western North Carolina
  • Third District – Ohio, Pittsburgh, North Ohio, South Ohio and West Virginia
  • Fourth District – Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Canada and a mission extension in India
  • Fifth District – California, Southern California, Desert Mountain, Midwest, Missouri, and Pacific Northwest
  • Sixth District – Georgia, Southwest Georgia, Atlanta-North, Macon, South Georgia and Augusta
  • Seventh District – Palmetto, South Carolina, Columbia, Piedmont, Northeast South Carolina and Central South Carolina
  • Eighth District – South Mississippi, North Mississippi, Central North Louisiana, and Louisiana
  • Ninth District – Alabama River Region, Southeast Alabama, Northeast Alabama, Southwest Alabama, Northwest Alabama
  • Tenth District – Texas, Southwest Texas, North Texas and Northwest Texas
  • Eleventh District – Florida, Central, South, West Coast, East, Bahamas
  • Twelfth District – Oklahoma, Arkansas, East Arkansas, and West Arkansas
  • Thirteenth District – Tennessee, East Tennessee, West Tennessee, Kentucky and West Kentucky
  • Fourteenth District – Liberia, Central Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire and Togo-Benin
  • Fifteenth District – Angola, Cape, Boland, Eastern Cape, Kalahari, Namibia, and Queenstown
  • Sixteenth District – Guyana/Suriname, Virgin Islands, European, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Windward Islands and Brazil
  • Seventeenth District – Southeast Zambia, Southwest Zambia, Northeast Zambia, Northwest Zambia, Zambezi, Congo Brazzaville, Katanga, Kananga, Kinshasa, Mbuji-mayi, Rwanda, Burundi and Tshikapa
  • Eighteenth District – Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Swaziland
  • Nineteenth District – Orangia, Natal, M.M. Mokone Memorial Conference, East, West
  • Twentieth District – Malawi North, Malawi South, Malawi Central, Northeast Zimbabwe, Southwest Zimbabwe, Central Zimbabwe