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In the late 1960's Rev. Arthur L. Byrd established a youth ministry and labeled it the "A.L. Byrd Club."  This group of young people participated in activities locally, district wide and beyond.  As these children grew up, and matriculated to colleges, Rev. Byrd and other adults designed the "Saint Paul Alumni" as a means of showing support to these college students, and giving them a venue for giving back to the young people of Saint Paul AME Church.  Historically the afternoon of the Church's annual homecoming was set aside for the Alumni's program.  Members of the first "Junior Choir" (now college students and graduates) would come together and sing for the afternoon program.  Various guests were invited to speak at this memorable gathering each year.  The collections that afternoon were deposited in the alumni's funds.  Also on that afternoon, scholarships were awarded to the current studens enrolled in higher education.

Members of the Saint Paul Alumni are those who attended an institute of higher learning and received scholarships from the alumni fund during their tenure as students. Members may also be friends of the alumni. Support and prayers always welcomed!

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Gearing Up For New Scholarship Awards

by: Judy Nichols-Wilson



The Saint Paul Alumni members are in the process of gathering applications for the next round of scholarship awards.  Stay tuned for more information.

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