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Resources for Study

One of the best things about having online access is the wealth of knowledge that is available just at your fingertips.  No longer do you have the need to carry concordances, christian dictionaries, and commentaries as well as your Bible so that you may deeply study the Word of God.  Here are some of our favorite resources.

  • Free Online Bible Lessons  Online lessons that inspire, cause you to reflect and learn the scriptures at your pace.  This page is tructured to help you to develop a deeper understanding of  spiritual truths.
  • King James Bible Online "The King James Bible Online website is the online version of the King James Bible— the most printed and widely distributed work in history (Source: U.S. Congress). The website features the standard King James Version (Cambridge edition), along with the original 1611 edition in early modern English."
  • Daily Devotions for Men "A devotional by Crosswalk delivered daily, speaking to men's concerns."
  • Proverbs 31 Ministry Addresses women's issues and how to become closer to God by becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. 
  • Student Devotions Student devotions and reflections
  • Mini Bible Lessons for Teens Lessons that inspire teens to consider topics within the Word of God that can be applied to today's world.  There are interactives and downloadables for teenagers and those who teach them. These may be used in a group or for private study and self reflection.
  • Object Lessons for Kids  Short video lessons that teach concepts in the Word. The site utilizes objects to help children associate the Word of God in managable information that will inspire them.  My grandchild reminds me each day that it is time to view another video about God!


by: Judy Nichols-Wilson



Have you ever just longed to have a friend? Some of us attract friendship/companionship more easily than others. Some of us feel comfortable being what is perceived as being alone. The Lord thy God wishes a relationship with you. He has labeled you His friend.  What exactly is a friend?

Why not review ...

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